Water Services Line Coverage Solicitations

Some Hopkins residents have already received a letter from one of several companies who are selling water service line protection coverage. The most recent solicitation is from American Water Resources of Minnesota. 

The City has received notification from American Water Resources of Minnesota that they are mailing solicitations to Hopkins residents promoting their water service line coverage plan. As in the past, the City of Hopkins has not partnered with this, or any other private water service maintenance providers.

Water Dripping from Faucet

No Company Endorsed by Hopkins or Hennepin County

In fact, neither this company nor this type of coverage has been endorsed by the City of Hopkins or Hennepin County.

Thorough Research

If you are considering purchasing this type of coverage for your property, the City strongly advises you to thoroughly research the need to do so and the background and track record of any company that offers this type of coverage in order to make an informed decision prior to entering into any agreement.

For more information, contact the City of Hopkins Utilities Division.