Hydrant Flushing

Every spring the City flushes the water hydrants. Flushing hydrants may cause some water discoloration problems. Residents are cautioned against doing laundry, especially white clothing, while City crews are in the area. Unfortunately, it is not possible to determine where any sediment or discoloration problems may occur.

Parents should warn their children to use caution around the City utility crews who will be busy in the neighborhood during flushing periods.

Fire Hydrant

2018 Flushing is Complete

Public Works' Water Department has finished draining all City-owned fire hydrants for winter. 

If an emergency occurs and one is used, please notify the Water Department right away so it can be drained again. If the hydrant is not drained, the water in the barrel will freeze and break the hydrant, and repairs are expensive. 

If you notice someone other than the Fire Department or Public Works using a hydrant, please notify the Water Department. 

Public Works now has a water fill station for contractors to use with permission.