East End Redevelopment

Eastend Concept

Several years ago, the City initiated a study to review potential redevelopment options for the east side of the City. The East End Study encompasses the area just east of Highway 169 and west of Blake Road and north of Excelsior Boulevard This area has experienced ongoing change and will continue to change as industry, transportation and residential living trends evolve.

The study consisted of a variety of redevelopment plans based on an assessment of the market conditions and emerging development trends. It includes a Market Analysis, a Concept Land Use Plan, a Redevelopment Concept and an Implementation Plan.

Market Analysis

The Market Analysis determined that office development would be the strongest market niche for the study area. The analysis also indicated that residential and commercial redevelopments, or a combination of both, would be advantageous.

Future Land Use

After several preliminary plans were explored, a final Future Land Use plan was created. Most notably, the Future Land Use plan designated several secondary parcels of land as mixed use possibilities in an effort to provide maximum flexibility for future redevelopment.


The Redevelopment concept focuses on detailed site planning and land use patterns. The final Revised Redevelopment plan includes redevelopment clusters of office, residential or mixed uses.