Hopkins Cinema Flats

Hopkins Cinema Flats Update

The applicant for the Hopkins Cinema Flats concept plan, the Beard Group, LLC, has asked to table this item to a future meeting date. Therefore, it will not be part of the December 22 Planning & Zoning Commission meeting or the January 5, 2021 City Council meeting. 

With no other business before the Planning & Zoning Commission this month, the regular meeting scheduled for December 22 has been canceled. 

Any updates further updates will be posted on this webpage.  

Concept Plans

The Beard Group, Inc. has applied to the City of Hopkins for concept plan review of their proposal to redevelop the Hopkins Cinema 6 Theatre property located at 1118 Mainstreet. The Hopkins Cinema Flats proposal would replace the theatre with a 4-story mixed use commercial and residential building with approximately 2,776 square feet of retail space on the main level and 131 apartment units.  

Review Process

It is important to note that the concept plan review process allows the applicant to share their plans with the public and the City of Hopkins and get feedback. The City does not either approve or deny the project at this time.  

The applicant will use the feedback provided during the concept plan review process to help inform their plans and eventually apply for formal City approvals at a future time. Public input is an important part of the concept plan review process.

Provide Feedback

The concept plan review process does not typically include a public hearing before the Planning & Zoning Commission or City Council meetings. Concept plan comments or questions should be submitted to the developer through their Hopkins Cinema Flats website. 

Should the developer choose to proceed with a formal application, that future process would include a public hearing.

Community members who wish to address comments to the City can do so through this online form. All comments will be compiled and presented to the City when it reviews the concept plan items at a future Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council meeting.