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Refuse/Recycling Container Request Form

  1. Do You Own or Rent?
  2. Type of Residence
  3. Check Service Requested
  4. Garbage
  5. Recycling
  6. Organics Recycling
  7. Change garbage cart size or service level
  8. Add additional garbage cart
  9. Remove additional garbage cart
  10. Change recycling cart size
  11. Add additional recycling cart
  12. Remove additional recycling cart
  13. Organics recycling
  14. Be advised:

    - Residents may stop refuse / recycling services if the property is vacant for 30 days or more. Garbage and recycling carts must be placed in a secure area.

    - Unless otherwise arranged with and confirmed by the Utility Billing Clerk, services will automatically resume after 3 months.

    - Duplexes / double bungalows must choose at least two containers; triplexes must choose at least three containers. Each unit must have a container of its own.

    - Once a container choice has been made, changes will only be allowed after a three-month period of use.

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