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Police Department Volunteer Application


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    1. Hopkins Police Department Volunteer Application
    2. Release of Information

      The City of Hopkins requires a check of the criminal history for all persons volunteering in the Police Department. You may refuse to authorize the release of this information, but a failure to do so will result in disqualification as a Hopkins Police Volunteer.

      I authorize the City of Hopkins to obtain, and the State of Minnesota to release, all information in the State of Minnesota Criminal Justice Information System regarding the undersigned. I hereby release the City of Hopkins and the State of Minnesota from any claims or damages which I might have as a result of the City obtaining this information from the state. This authorization is effective for three months following the date of execution.

      This information is being requested by the City to determine if I meet the minimum requirements or are otherwise disqualified from volunteering with the Police Department Volunteer Program.

      This information is classified as private personnel data and will be provided only to those City employees or agents who have a need to review it. The City does not intend to release the information to any other party but may be required to do so by subpoena or court order under the provisions of Minnesota Statute, Chapter 13.

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