Kick Out Flashing (R903.2.1)


Flashings must be installed at wall and roof intersections, wherever there is a change in roof lope or direction and around roof openings. Kick-out flashing / diverters must be installed to divert the water away from where the eve of a sloped roof intersects a vertical sidewall. The kick-out flashing must be a minimum of 2 ½ inch long. Where flashing is of metal, the metal shall be corrosion resistant with a thickness of not less than 0.019 inch (No. 26 galvanized sheet).

Kick-Out Flashing

Existing Buildings & Structures

Kick-out flashing is required in accordance with section R903.2.1 when simultaneously re-siding and re-roofing existing buildings and structures.

Kick-out flashings are not required when only re-roofing existing buildings and structures.