Structure & Salaries

The Hopkins City Council consists of one mayor and four Council members. The Mayor is elected for a two-year term and the members are elected for four-year terms. All members of the City Council are elected from the City at large.

City Government Structure

Hopkins is a Charter City. The City Charter serves as the "constitution" of the City. The form of government established by the Charter is the Council-Manager Plan. The council-manager plan Under the council-manager plan, the Council has complete control of the City administration but exercises this control exclusively through the City Manager—the members themselves do not perform any administrative work.

The Mayor

The Mayor is the presiding officer of the Council and can vote on all motions before the Council the same as any other member. The Mayor exercises all powers and performs all duties conferred and imposed upon her or him by the Charter, the ordinances of the City, and the laws of the State. The Mayor is the official head of the City for all ceremonial purposes, by the Courts for the purpose of serving all legal processes and by the Governor for the purposes of the martial law.


The Mayor, the Council, and/or the City Manager, and/or any individual formally authorized by them, has the power to make investigations into the City's affairs. The Council provides for the annual examination or audit of the accounts of the City.

Salaries of Council Members

The Mayor and members of the City Council receive an annual salary as the Council may establish by ordinance. The current salaries of the Mayor and Council Members were set in 2017:

  • Mayor - $9,560 per year
  • Council Member - $7,325 per year