Petitions to Install Fire Protection Systems

Fire protection system means pipe, standpipes, sprinklers, control systems, hydrants, and other devices and equipment installed in or outside a building for the primary purpose of eliminating or reducing the spread of fire in the building or providing for safe evacuation of the building, whether the devices and equipment are publicly or privately owned.


The City of Hopkins, at its sole discretion, may honor petitions to construct, reconstruct, alter extend, operate, maintain and promote fire protection systems in existing buildings under the following conditions:

  • The project meets the requirements of Minnesota State Statute 429.031.
  • The total amount of petitions honored for a given calendar year do not exceed $200,000.

Petitions Honored

Petitions will be honored on a first come, first serve basis. If the amounts requested exceed dollars allocated for that year, the petitions will be placed on a list and honored the following year in order of greatest need using the following criteria:

  • Orders issued by the City requiring work or its equivalency be done.
  • Financial hardship by the requesting company such as not being able to qualify for a loan to do the work.


  • A letter of application shall be submitted and signed by all owners of the property.
  • The petition shall also contain the plans and specifications for the improvement, the estimated cost of the improvement and a statement indicating whether the City or the owner will contract for the construction of the improvement.
  • If the owner is contracting for the construction of the improvement, the City shall not approve the petition until it has reviewed and approved the plans, specifications, and cost estimates contained in the petition.
  • The construction cost financed under Section 429.091 shall not exceed the amount of the cost estimate contained in the petition.
  • The petitioner may request abandonment of the improvement at any time after it has been ordered pursuant to Section 429.041,Subd 2. If such a request is received, the City Council shall abandon the proceedings but in such case the petitioner shall reimburse the City for any and all expenses incurred by the City in connection with the improvement.
  • The cost of the improvements plus an administrative fee of 5% or $100 whichever is greater, will be assessed to the petitioning property owner under the provisions of Section 429. The length of the assessment shall not exceed 10 years and the interest rate shall not exceed 8%.