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Summer Youth Program Application Form

  1. 2022 Summer Youth Program Application
  2. Details

    ♦ Every Thursday from June 23rd through August 18th

    ♦ Cost: FREE!

    ♦ Noon to 4pm

    ♦ Space is limited - not all applications may be accepted if capacity is reached

    ♦ All sessions will begin at the Hopkins Police Dept located at 1010 1st Street South

    ♦ Transportation to and from the police department will need to be arranged by the parent/guardian

    ♦ Upon successful completion, participants will receive a certificate and an invitation to a day long trip to Valley Fair

    ♦ Face masks are optional.  Current and future CDC recommendations will be observed

    ♦ For more information contact Julia Ross at or 952-548-6428

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