What is the Artery?

The Artery is the reconstruction of Eighth Avenue between Excelsior Boulevard and Mainstreet into a pedestrian seductive, art-infused, interactive corridor. The project, as proposed, includes:

  • Converting Eighth Avenue into a one-way road from north of 1st street south to Mainstreet
  • Building a two-way cycle track that connects the Minnetonka Regional Trail with the Cedar Lake Regional Trail
  • Enlarging the pedestrian space
  • Adding landscaping and storm water treatment
  • Creating places for people to gather and experience art in its various forms

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1. How can I get involved in the planning process?
2. How much will it cost to build?
3. What about the Downtown Station Plaza? Is that included in the Artery Project?
4. What is the Artery?
5. What is the Artery Experiment?
6. What is the timeline for the project?
7. Why are we doing this?
8. Will property owners along Eighth Avenue be assessed for the cost?