4. Take your organics to the curb for pick-up OR bring them to the drop-off site

Bring your bagged organics to your curbside bin and take a picture, or bring your organics to the 24/7 Minnetonka-Hopkins Recycling Center located at 11522 Minnetonka Boulevard and take a picture of you dropping off your organics. Submit the photo along with the rest of your Bingo pictures. 

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1. 1. Take the Organics Recycling survey
2. 2. Read the Hennepin County Organics Recycling Guide
3. 3. Visit the City of Hopkins Organics Recycling webpage and review accepted/ unaccepted items
4. 4. Take your organics to the curb for pick-up OR bring them to the drop-off site
5. 5. Share a meal with a friend or neighbor
6. 6. Take a photo of your countertop organics bin
7. 7. Learn strategies to reduce odor for countertop organics bins
8. 8. Meal-prep for the week
9. 9. Purchase BPI recycling bags and visit the BPI website
10. 10. Recycle your toilet paper roll and paper towel tubes
11. 11. Have a conversation about organics recycling
12. 12. Have a ZERO waste day
13. 13. Make broth out of veggie scraps
14. 14. Make a grocery list before shopping
15. 15. Eat a lunch or dinner using leftovers
16. 16. Share ideas with a friend, family member or neighbor on how to reduce organic waste
17. 17. Donate food to ICA or your local food shelf
18. 18. Recycle a pizza box or paper egg carton
19. 19. Encourage a Hopkins resident outside your household to take the Organics Recycling Survey
20. 20. Pack a lunch for work 3+ times
21. 21. Utilize your freezer
22. 22. Set-up an EAT FIRST bin in your fridge
23. 23. Use paper bags or reusable bags on your next shopping trip
24. 24. Make a meal using up ingredients in your fridge