Having Your Property Evaluated

You will need to contact a licensed independent evaluator to evaluate your property. Evaluators are private inspectors who have passed a certification test with the Cities of Minneapolis, St Paul, or Bloomington. Fees for the evaluation are set by the individual evaluator, and currently range from $150-$250.

Current Codes

The evaluator will conduct a visual inspection of all aspects of the house and garage and rate them, based on current codes, as:

  • Meets minimum requirements
  • Below minimum requirements
  • Repair/Replace (These items must be corrected before you can close on the sale of your property. View a list of common items.)

After the Evaluation

After the evaluation has been completed, the evaluator will file your Truth-in-Housing Disclosure Report (PDF) with the City of Hopkins, as well as provide you with a copy. You must make this report available to potential buyers at the time of a showing and share it with every prospective buyer.

Your report is valid for one year from date of inspection and only for the owner named on the report. Any questions concerning the content of the report should be directed to the Truth-in-Housing evaluator whose name and phone number appears at the bottom of the report.