Brush Pick-Up

For City of Hopkins residential garbage customers only.  

Brush is collected curbside every Tuesday, weather permitting (excluding holidays). You must schedule a pick-up by calling 952-939-1382 before 2 p.m. the previous Monday or by submitting a Brush Pick-Up Request Form.

Lay trees in the boulevard, parallel with the street, and at least five feet from overhead wires, trees, fences, garbage carts and parked cars.

Free Christmas Tree Pick-Up

The week of January 11, Public Works crews will be collecting Christmas trees free of charge from Hopkins residential garbage customers. You do not need to call to schedule this service — simply place your tree on the boulevard (no alley pick-ups) by 6 a.m. the day of your garbage service. 

Only Christmas trees will be picked-up – no other brush, branches, sticks, wreaths or decorations containing metal will be accepted. Bags and stands must be removed.

Beginning the week of January 18, holiday tree disposal will be done on Tuesdays as part of the residential refuse customer brush pick-up program. A fee will be charged and residents must call before 2 p.m. on Monday to schedule a pick-up. 

Trees from multi-housing, commercial or industrial properties will NOT be collected by the City.

Yard Waste Pick-Up

Looking for yard waste pick up information? View the Yard Waste Pick-Up page.

Brush Pick-Up

Brush is be collected on Tuesdays, weather permitting. To schedule a brush pick-up, call 952- 939-1382 before 2 p.m. on Monday. Fees apply.

Brush Pick-Up Charges

  • 0 to 5 cubic yards: $12
  • 5 to 17 cubic yards: $30
  • 18 cubic yard truckload: $50
Correct Brush Pile

Brush Pick-Up Guidelines

What Can Go in Your Brush Pile

  • Only brush which is generated on properties which have City of Hopkins garbage service will be picked up.
  • Brush is defined as tree limbs, twigs, woody vines, and branches up to a maximum of 6-inches in diameter and 15 feet in length. No logs or lumber are accepted.

How to Make My Brush Pile

  • Stack brush in a neat pile on the boulevard, not in the street (no alley pick-up), with ends all one way, parallel with the street.
Brush Pile With Red No Sign
Brush Pile Stacked Incorrectly
  • Keep brush piles at least 5 feet away from poles, signs, overhead wires, guide wires, trees, fences, refuse containers, parked cars, etc.
Brush Pile Next to Wagon
Brush Pile Near Water Hydrogen
Brush Pile Stacked in Woods
  • Do not use tarps under or on top of your brush (we use machinery to pick up the brush and the tarps hamper the pick-up).

Do not put brush in your garbage cart.