Environmental Management

{BP15} Purchasing

  • Adopt an environmental preferable purchasing policy

Actions Taken

Hopkins currently follows Minnesota’s state statutes on purchasing EnergyStar certified equipment as well purchasing 30% post-consumer recycled paper. There is no specific policy in place which Hopkins will be looking into.

{BP16} Urban Forests

  • Increase city tree and plant cover

Actions Taken

In 2009, Hopkins was named a Tree City USA for the 30th time. Hopkins meets the four standards to become a Tree City USA by having a tree board or department, a tree care ordinance, a comprehensive community forestry program, and an Arbor Day observance. The City has also maximized tree planting along Mainstreet in downtown, with four trees per block on each side of the street.

{BP17} Innovative Stormwater Management

  • Minimize the volume of and pollutants in water runoff

Actions Taken

All the water from rain and snow that fall in Hopkins and is not absorbed or evaporated runs into the City’s storm sewer system. In 2010, Hopkins became one of only four cities in Minnesota to be awarded a Blue Star Award, given to communities that are taking a leadership role in protecting Minnesota's water resources and public health through excellence in stormwater management.

The City scored a 123/160 in the following categories: planning and preservation, stormwater standards and practices, and stormwater pollution prevention. The City has adapted the Water Resource Management Plan to help meet regulatory requirements, and to plan for future alterations in the existing drainage system.

{BP18} Parks & Trails

  • Enhance city parks and trails

Actions Taken

Hopkins uses a standard of seven acres of municipal park land per 1000 people as a benchmark for planning purposes. Also the residents of Hopkins are all within one-quarter to one-half mile of a neighborhood or community park. The Meadowbrook Golf course has been a certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary for over two years.

{BP22} Solid Waste Reduction

  • Increase waste reduction, reuse and recycling

Actions Taken

The City’s solid waste collection system encourages residents to reduce waste through our mandatory recycling ordinance, volume-based pricing structure, and added fees for extra refuse and bulk. 

Additionally the City regularly provides promotional materials and activities to educate residents on waste reduction, reuse, recycling and purchasing recycled products. Our current in-house purchasing policy advocates the purchase of products made with recycled content. There is also an organics recycling program in place. View the  Garbage and Recycling Page.

{BP23} Local Air Quality

  • Prevent generation of local air contaminants

Actions Taken

Hopkins has two designated electric car permit stalls with electrical outlets located in the public parking ramp. Recreational fires in Hopkins do not require a permit (expect during a burning ban) if they meet the requirements set forth by the Department of Natural Resources, the State of Minnesota and the City of Hopkins. The City does require a permit for recreational burning if it does not meet regulations. For more information, view the Recreation Fires Page.