Land Use

{BPO6} Comprehensive Plan and Implementation

  • Adopt a Comprehensive Plan and tie regulatory ordinances to it

Actions Taken

Hopkins updated its Comprehensive Plan in 2009; it will guide the City’s land use regulations and policies for the next 10 to 20 years. To learn more, view the Comprehensive Plan Page.

{BPO7} Efficient City Growth

  • Limit barriers to higher density housing

Actions Taken

 A mixed-use zoning ordinance 2011-1031, is in place to provide a variety of residential housing types and densities to support a mix of uses. It integrates new mixed use development with its surroundings by encouraging connections for pedestrians and vehicles. View the Section 543 Zoning Mixed Use (PDF).

{BPO8} Mixed Uses

Actions Taken

Hopkins’ Comprehensive Plan plans for a variety of land uses in its downtown district and specifically addresses vertical mixed-use development. View the Downtown District Page.