The Green Team

Think Green Team, Think Global, Act Local

Putting the Environment First!

Since January 2009, the projects that have been accomplished include:

  • Becoming a GreenStep City Page
  • Installing motion sensors lights
  • Rain barrel program
  • Organic recycling in City buildings
  • Reducing junk mail
  • Document scanning (which saves on the cost of paper and storage of documents)
  • Installing a new, more efficient HVAC system in City Hall; view Boiler Page to learn more.
  • Putting environmentally friendly information on the website
  • Creating a green brochure (PDF)
  • Creating an internal green newsletter
  • Trail clean-up
  • Storm sewer stenciling
  • Set-back thermostats in buildings when it is not in use
  • Holding educational events with neighborhood associations
  • Purchasing “green” items
  • Hosting holiday lights recycling
  • Paperless packets for City Council
  • Creating an Earth Day event
  • Providing a fast charging station for electric cars

Other Projects

Other projects that the City is working on include paying bills online.

Recycling Bin

Hopkins is Going Green

Read a brochure (PDF) about what the City is doing to save the environment.

Hopkins: a Greenstep City

View a poster (PDF) explaining the steps the City has taken to qualify as a GreenStep City.