Snow Emergencies

When any amount of snowfall occurs, residents should remove vehicles from Hopkins city streets, parking lots and right-of-ways.

To find out if Hopkins is in a snow emergency, call the Snow Line at 952-939-1399.

When a Snow Emergency Is Declared

If the snowfall is 2 inches or more, a snow emergency may be declared. As soon as the announcement is made, residents must remove vehicles from the restricted locations (city streets and parking lots, right-of-ways, and the Municipal Parking Ramp) to avoid being towed.

Cars Covered With Snow

These restrictions will remain in effect until streets are plowed curb to curb, and parking lots and the Municipal Ramp are completely plowed.

In addition to moving cars, it is the responsibility of Hopkins residents and businesses to remove snow and ice from public sidewalks. For more details view the Hopkins Snow and Sidewalks page.

Receive snow emergency notifications on your cell phone by signing up and visiting the Rave Mobile Safety page.