Multicultural Advisory Committee (MAC)

In 2008, the Joint Community Police Partnership (JCPP) formed the Hopkins Multicultural Advisory Committee (MAC), with members representing different cultural groups in Hopkins.The MAC provides advice, suggestions, and assistance to the Hopkins Police Department to aid them in better serving, communicating with, and understanding the many cultures that reside in, work in, or visit the Hopkins area. The MAC is a subset of the JCPP.

A Woman and A Girl

MAC Activities

Activities of the MAC includes:

  • Community building through fostering diverse relationships
  • Creating printed media for immigrant community members to better understand police services and laws
  • Creating a safe platform to share community information and concerns
  • Facilitated discussions
  • Organizing and presenting cultural training for police officers and community
  • Representing a positive presence in our community
  • Community engagement

Serve on the MAC

The MAC is recruiting members to serve on their committee. Candidates should:

  • Be able to attend monthly meetings
  • Be accepting of persons different than themselves and respectful of different faiths
  • Be connected to the community with the ability to foster relationships
  • Be willing to cooperatively work with the police in enhancing relationships between all cultural communities and police
  • Live, work, or worship in Hopkins

Background Check & Application

Candidates must pass a criminal background check and have a brief interview with staff. Complete the online application to serve on the MAC.