Goal I - Preserve the Home Town Feel of Hopkins

A home-town feel is a major part of the identity of Hopkins. Surveys have demonstrated that it is also one of the primary reasons people like living in Hopkins. Efforts in the future need to capitalize on and enhance this important city asset.

Strategy 1: Create a More Vibrant Business Community

  • Strengthen image of arts community
  • Promote shopping local
  • Promote business assistance program
  • Develop wayfinding plan for community
  • Work with “Think Hopkins” on business recruitment efforts.
Mainstreet Banner

Strategy 2: Promote & Enhance City Events

Promote city events large and small such as:

Have a City booth at events when possible.

Raspberry Festival

Strategy 3: Provide Accessible & Friendly City Services

  1. Improve service delivery through e-commerce
  2. Promote interactive park, trails and facilities directory on website.

Strategy 4: Embrace & Strengthen Partnerships

  1. Support History Center transition to Mainstreet
  2. Continue to grow partnerships with:
    1. Faith and community-based organizations
    2. Hennepin County
    3. Hopkins School District
    4. Joint recreation in Minnetonka
    5. Met Council
    6. Surrounding cities
    7. Three Rivers Park District
    8. Watershed districts