Hopkins Apartment Managers' Association (HAMA)

Hopkins Apartment Managers’ Association is an active organization of apartment managers that works to maintain a strong rental market and to promote community involvement among its residents in Hopkins. The purpose of the coalition is to:

  • Promote professionalism among its members
  • Improve the image of Hopkins as a community
  • Enrich the relationship with the City of Hopkins
  • Share solutions to common problems
  • Provide continuing education for managers
  • Promote communication between apartment communities
  • Enhance the quality of life for its residents
  • Protect the interests of its investors
  • Bring the highest standard of leadership and integrity to the profession.

Information Line

If you own and operate only a few units on a part-time basis and you would like the advice of an experienced property manager, call Anne Buck at 952-548-6407 and she will refer you.

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2023 Meeting Schedule

Mark your calendar for the following HAMA meeting dates and check back soon for future meeting topics. 

Wednesday, February 8

This meeting was rescheduled from November 9, 2022.

IPG Updates

The Hopkins Police and Fire Departments will share progress and plans for addressing current IPG owned rental properties issues and restoring residents’ trust. 

Rental Inspections and New Processes

The Hopkins Police Department will cover sections of Chapter 20 of the City Code regarding prohibited disorderly behavior, required background checks plus use of Crime Free Multi-Housing Leases Addendum (lease provision requirements). 

Hopkins City Code Part II, Chapter 20, Article III - Rental Housing

Fire Response

  • Importance of key boxes
  • Options of key boxes allowed in the City of Hopkins
  • Expectation of the emergency services and code compliance 
  • Smoke alarms and MNSFC (MN State Fire Code)
  • Hoarding and other hazards 
  • Programs the Hopkins Fire Department provides to reduce the number of calls 

For questions about HAMA meetings, including agendas and ideas for future meeting topics, contact Anne Marie Buck at 952-548-6407, Jan Youngquist at 952-548-6343, Nick Stamboulieh at 952-548-6456 or Garrett Grniet at 952-548-6454.