The Artery / 8th Ave S

8th Avenue S Between Excelsior Boulevard & Mainstreet

Downtown Hopkins is a vibrant and evolving city-center rich in historic character. The city has long since had a desire to make this “hidden gem” more visible from Excelsior Boulevard and other major roadways.

With the expansion of the Southwest Light Rail Transit (LRT) line, there exists enormous potential for growth, re-development, and the ability to make a stronger connection to downtown for residents and visitors.

The future Downtown Hopkins station will be located at 8th Avenue and Excelsior Boulevard, just two blocks from Hopkins Mainstreet. The vision for 8th Avenue is to create a vibrant, interactive and “pedestrian seductive multimodal” artery into downtown Hopkins that announces to all those passing by on Excelsior Boulevard and the future LRT that this is a special place, and invites them to come and explore.

Construction of the Artery began in June 2017 and was substantially completed in November 2017.

Final touches, including the installation of public art, were completed in Spring 2018.