Vitals™ Aware Services

Founded in partnership with the Autism Society of Minnesota, Vitals™ launched in August 2017 in St. Paul, Minnesota. 

What is Vitals?

Vitals™ is a paid, app-based technology that provides first responders and police with real-time information about vulnerable individuals living with emotional, intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

Users can add information to their profile, all of which is completely voluntary. 

How Does Vitals™ Work?

An individual using the Vitals™ service carries a beacon that is synced to secure information about that individual (the Vitals™ Profile App also serves as a non-physical beacon). 

When an authorized first responder, educator or provider comes within 80 feet of the individual, they receive an alert through their smartphone via their Vitals™ App notifying them about that individual and their specific needs. 

The Vitals™ profile provides information to help these authorized users make informed decisions on how to safely interact and communicate with individuals.

The Vitals™ app can provide authorized first responders with the following information: 

  • Individual demographics 
  • Behavior triggers and de-escalation techniques 
  • Primary and secondary conditions 
  • Medications 
  • Medical Information 
  • Contact information 
  • Videos and photos

Get Started With Vitals

Download the app on the App Store or in Google Play. Need help paying for the app? Visit the Vitals™ website

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Contact the Hopkins Police Department or visit the Vitals™ website  for more information.