Zoning provides for orderly development and redevelopment of Hopkins, and helps protect the health, safety and general welfare of people living and working here. It also helps implement the City's Comprehensive Plan.

Zoning map

zoning map

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  • Planning & Zoning Commission

Zoning map legend

  R-1-A Single & Two Family High Density
  R-1-B Single Family High Density
  R-1-C Single Family Medium Density
  R-1-D Single Family Low Density
  R-1-E Single Family Low Density
  R-2 Low Density Multiple Family
  R-3 Medium Density Multiple Family
  R-4 Medium High Density Multiple Family
  R-4 PUD
  R-5 High Density Multiple Family
  R-6 Medium Density Multiple Family
  B-1 Limited Business
  B-2 Central Business
  B-3 General Business
  B-4 Neighborhood Business
  I-1 Industrial
  I-2 General Industrial
  Business Park
  Mixed Use
  Closed Landfill Restricted (CLR)


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