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Reducing Your Waste

There are many ways that you as a consumer can reduce the amount of garbage you generate. Many of them are not difficult and do not cost extra money—in fact, they may even save you money.

Reduce & Reuse

  • Buy concentrates, returnables, economy-sized containers, or products in bulk whenever possible
  • Buy only what you need
  • Buy products without excessive packaging
  • Buy non-hazardous alternatives whenever possible
  • Opt out of receiving unsolicited phone books by visiting
  • Consider checking out the Hennepin County Free Product Center for re-shelfed latex paints and stains, cleaners, adhesives, etc. Search the Hennepin County Free Product Center.
  • Avoid single-use, throw-away products
  • Use cloth napkins or dishcloths instead of paper towels and paper napkins
  • Reuse paper bags or use reusable bags when shopping
  • Use reusable containers for packing lunches and storing leftover food
  • Use rechargeable batteries
  • Buy durable, repairable, long lasting items
  • Borrow, rent, or share things you use infrequently
  • Give or get free reusable items online through the Twin Cities Free Market



  • Solid Waste Coordinator



At 11%, a significant portion of all garbage is food waste. Composting is a natural process that breaks down organic materials and can greatly reduce what we landfill and incinerate.

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