Recycling & Garbage Rates

The following rates for garbage & recycling pick up service are reflected monthly on your utility bill. Updated January 1, 2015.

Garbage Rates

Pick up fees for garbage are dependent upon the size of your container. This fee covers charges connected in the garbage collection process: container costs, vehicle costs, labor, insurance, and disposal of garbage at a designated facility, etc.


  • 30 gallon: $16.85
  • 60 gallon: $20.85
  • 90 gallon: $24.30

Callback & Extra Dump Fees

The callback fee for any size refuse cart is $15.
Extra dump fees are as follows, depending on the size of the cart:

  • 30 gallon: $3
  • 60 gallon: $6
  • 90 gallon: $9

Changing your refuse container size

Homeowners always have the option of changing the size of the refuse container they use. There is no cost to the homeowner for this change and can be done by calling 952-548-6332 or by filling out the Refuse Container Request Form and submitting it to City Hall.

Recycling Rate

Residents pay a flat fee for recycling each month of $4.50 regardless of the size of their container. To change the size of your recycling container, call 952-939-1382.


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