Snow Emergency Towing

Vehicles left on the streets or in public parking lots during snow emergencies may be ticketed and towed.

If a snow emergency is declared in Hopkins during the afternoon or early evening, tagging and towing enforcement generally begins at 10 pm. However, depending on the snow fall, tagging and towing could begin earlier. The Snow Line, 952-939-1399, will have the actual time. When a snow emergency is declared after 10 pm, tagging and towing operations begin at 8 am on the following day.

If your vehicle is towed

Call the automated message system at 952-949-2385 to learn how to pick up your vehicle. Vehicles are released to the registered owners who must provide proof of ownership, proof of insurance, and a valid driver's license before claiming their vehicle(s).

Vehicle impound lot

The vehicle impound lot for snow emergency towing is located at 6282 Industrial Drive in Eden Prairie. Customers may claim their vehicle and pay for it at the impound lot. Call Matt's Auto Service at 952-949-2385 to confirm the location of your towed vehicle.



  • To learn how to pick up your towed vehicle:
  • If you were towed for a reason not related to snow:

illustration of car being towed

2013-2014 Minimum towing charges

Payment is accepted by cash, Visa or Mastercard. Personal checks will not be accepted.

  • Towing with same day pick up $126.55
  • Additional daily storage $30

Storage charges apply to the day towed and accrue daily thereafter. NOTE: The City would prefer not to tow a single vehicle. Hopkins receives no money when cars are towed—all fees go the towing company.

Towing charges may be subject to change.