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Pedestrian and Bike Plan

Improving conditions for walking and biking in Hopkins has long been an important priority for the City’s residents and community leaders. The Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan presents recommendations for gradual, implementable improvements that achieve a vision of a more walking- and bicycling-friendly city.

The Plan is based on an Active Living approach that seeks to create conditions that invite more Hopkins residents to more often choose to walk or bike to their destinations, to use transit, and to easily include physical activity as part of their daily routines.

The purpose of the Plan is to serve as a tool to guide the efforts of Hopkins residents, elected officials and City staff as they work together to improve walking and bicycling conditions. It recommends pedestrian and bicycle routes and connections, offers specific treatments and approaches to improve connectivity and circulation, and prioritizes short-, medium- and long-term recommendations for improving the City’s walking and bicycling mobility network.

Pedestrian and Bike Plan


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