Snow & Sidewalks

During winter, it's up to the residents and businesses of Hopkins to remove snow and ice from public sidewalks. Even a small snowfall (less than two inches) can pose a safety hazard for people trying to walk on the sidewalks.

City Code Chapter 8, Section 20.03 requires an owner and/or occupant of any property with a public sidewalk to remove snow and ice within 12 hours after a snowfall. This is necessary to ensure the safety of people using the sidewalks. This ordinance will be enforced.

If snow and ice isn't cleared withing 24 hours, City workers will remove it and you will be billed accordingly:

  • Commercial
    $2 per foot for the entire length of sidewalk*
  • Residential
    $1 per foot for the entire length of sidewalk*

*Significant snow depth or situations where heavy equipment is required to clear the snow will be charged on a time and equipment basis for costs incurred above the rates stated above.


shoveling a sidewalk