Sidewalk & Alley Maintenance

Sidewalks and alleys in Hopkins are on a 4-year schedule for inspection and maintenance. Sidewalks are repaired for tripping hazards and alleys are repaired for drainage issues, hazards, and maintenance issues.

In the spring of each year, City crews inspect all sidewalks and alleys in that year's zone. In late summer to early fall, the sidewalks and alleys that need work are marked and a contractor completes the repairs.

Inspections & maintenance map and schedule

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  • 2017: Zone 1—north of 2nd St N and west of 5th Ave/Oak Ridge
  • 2018: Zone 2—east of 5th Ave/Oak Ridge
  • 2019: Zone 3—south of Mainstreet and west of Hwy 169
  • 2020: Zone 4—north of Mainstreet, south of 2nd St N and west of 5th Ave N

What to expect if your alley is being repaired

Before work begins, City crews will mark the areas of the alley that will be replaced (repairs usually involve a panel or two—not complete replacement of the alley). It takes approximately 1 to 2 days to remove existing pavement in these repair areas and install new concrete pavement. The new concrete will then require an additional 3 to 4 days curing time.

Parking and access

For properties immediately adjacent to marked removal areas, street parking is recommended. During construction it would be greatly appreciated if you would not park near alley entrances, so the contractor and residents will have unobstructed access to alley.

Garbage and recycling pick-up

Alley repairs should not affect your regular garbage and recycling collection days. It will be picked up from the alley as long as it is in place by 6 am the day of your collection.


The safety of Hopkins’ residents is the highest priority of everyone involved. While we will do our best to provide warnings, signs, barricades, and observation within the construction area, we do ask that you remind your children to stay clear of the construction area. Heavy equipment is sometimes hard to operate in the tight alley right-of-ways, especially when onlookers or vehicles are close.

After the new concrete is installed please do not use the new alley pavement until areas adjacent to alley pavement have been restored and the contractor has removed the barricades. It takes 3 to 4 days of cure before a passenger vehicle can drive on the new concrete and 4 to 7 days before heavy trucks can drive on it.

Private sidewalk repairs

If you live in the inspections area, the adjoining carriage walk on your property (the sidewalk between the public sidewalk and the curb) will also be inspected. If it is found to be unsafe for pedestrian traffic, City policy places the responsibility for adequate maintenance and repair with the adjoining property owners. You have the following options under the policy:

  • Removal: The carriage walk would be removed and replaced with black dirt and seed at the City’s expense.
  • Restoration: You may choose, in lieu of the black dirt and seed, to pay for the carriage walk to be replaced to meet City safety standards. The finished carriage walk must be a minimum of 3 feet wide. The City will inform you of the cost for replacement of the carriage walk adjoining your property.
    Note: Carriage walks with formed joints will be inspected at time of removal. If it is determined that partial panel repair will remove the hazard without affecting the remaining walk, then partial panel repair will be allowed and you will only be billed for the panel replaced.


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