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Maintenance of traffic signs, signals and street lights is determined by where it is located. The City maintains signals, signs, and lights that are on City-owned property and the County and State are responsible for those located along county roads and state highways.

Traffic signalsstoplight under the Clock Tower

For your safety, the City tries to ensure that all of the traffic signals are in operable condition. If you notice an inoperable traffic signal, please report it to the Public Works Department at 952-939-1382.

Street lights

If you notice a street light problem, you should report it to the Public Works Department at 952-939-1382. If the street light is City-owned, the City will repair it as soon as possible. If the street light is owned by XCEL Energy, Public Works will contact XCEL Energy and encourage expedient repairs.

Street maintenance

To report problems or issues with the City streets or alleys, contact the Public Works Department. If the road is a county road or state highway, contact Hennepin County at 612-596-0300 or the State Highway Department at 651-582-1550.


  • Public Works Customer Service Request Form
  • Report a Pothole
  • Public Works Secretary


How do I get a stop sign installed on my street?

Stop sign installation must first be approved by the City Council. Contact the Engineering Department at 952-935-8474 to have an area reviewed or to find out if an area has been previously reviewed.

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