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crosswalk signalAs part of this year’s Mainstreet project, the City upgraded crosswalks throughout downtown Hopkins to bring them into conformance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). These upgrades included:

  • addition of truncated domes at pedestrian ramps;
  • grade improvements to the ramps;
  • additional pushbuttons to activate pedestrian signals;
  • replacement of flashing “DON’T WALK” symbols with countdown timers on pedestrian signals; and
  • audible controls for the vision impaired, including a tone for locating the device, an audible indication when the button has been pressed, and informational messages for when the “WALK” signal is on and for which street.

Additionally, pedestrians must now push the button to indicate they want to cross, and then wait for a “WALK” signal. Otherwise the system will cycle through without displaying the signal to walk.

The City of Hopkins maintains and repairs 55 miles of street, 30 miles of alley, and 9 parking lots including the municipal parking ramp.

Activities include sidewalk, street and curb repair, sign and street light repair and maintenance, street sweeping, and street patching and seal coating.

Repairing the street after water or sewer repairs

Street closings

If you need to close a street for construction purposes or an event, submit the Street Closing Permit Application to the Public Works Department.


  • Public Works Secretary

  • Streets & Parks Superintendent


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