2016 Street and Utility Improvement Project

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This project includes reconstruction of the following:

  • 18th Avenue N from Mainstreet to the HCRRA right-of-way
  • 19th Avenue N from Mainstreet to 1st Street N
  • 20th Avenue N from Mainstreet to 3rd Street N
  • 21st Avenue N from south of 2nd Street N to Trunk Highway 7
  • 2nd Street N from 17th Avenue N to 20th Avenue N
  • 3rd Street N from 17th Avenue N to 18th Avenue N
  • 4th Street N from 19th Avenue N to 21st Avenue N
  • Alley in HCRRA right-of-way from 18th Avenue N to the east

Upcoming Schedule

phase map

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  • Late April / Early May – Begin Phase 1 Construction (Weather Dependent)
  • July / August – Phase 1 Streets Paved (1st layer), Begin Phase 2 Construction
  • September / October – Phase 2 Streets Paved (1st
    layer), Turf Restoration & Tree Planting
  • October / November – Work complete, final layer of pavement installation

Proposed Improvements

Proposed street improvements include full reconstruction with new curb and gutter throughout the project area.

Proposed water main improvements include the removal and replacement of valves and hydrants throughout the majority of the project area. Additionally, all water services will be replaced from the main to the property line. The trunk water main running along 21st Avenue North and 4th Street North is not proposed for replacement; the pipe’s condition has been reviewed and doesn’t need replacement at this time.

Sanitary sewer improvements include the removal and replacement of the main, manholes and service lines to the property line.

Proposed storm sewer improvements include removal and replacement of the storm sewer main, addition of storm sewer inlets to reduce water ponding in the street and improvements to reduce sediment accumulation near the Duck Pond.

Pedestrian facilities include removal and replacement of the existing sidewalk along the avenues near Mainstreet. New sidewalk will be added along 18th, 19th, and 20th Avenues from Mainstreet north along the east/west alley.


  • Bolton & Menk's project webpage
  • City Engineer


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