2015 Mainstreet Project

During the summer of 2015, the City of Hopkins will be making improvements to rehabilitate the pavement and streetscape along Mainstreet.

This public improvement project is intended to essentially provide a face lift, while maintaining the corridor's classic character. The primary scope of the project is proposed to include:

  • Resurfacing of the roadway from Shady Oak Road to 5th Avenue
  • Replacement of broken/defective curbing, sidewalk panels, and deteriorated pavers
  • Pedestrian upgrades at traffic signals and curb ramps at intersections
  • Replacement of old water main and services between 11th Avenue and 5th Avenue
  • Rehabilitation or replacement of streetscape features in need of attention such as benches, signs, trees and plantings in poor health, etc.
  • Correction of nuisance drainage issues

Project Schedule

Council orders feasibility report June 17, 2014
Neighborhood meeting on assessments July 2, 2014
Accept feasibility report/order public hearing August 4, 2014
Public hearing/order final design September 2, 2014
Approve final plans/order bids September 16, 2014
Open Bids/Submit for State and Federal approval/Order Public Assessment Hearing December 2014
Conduct Public Assessment Hearing/Adopt Assessment Roll/Award Contract February 2015
Begin Construction July 2015
Complete Construction October 2015


  • City Engineer



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