Nine Mile Creek Stabilization Project

Nine Mile CreekConstruction has begun on the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District project to improve Nine Mile Creek through Valley Park. The work includes realigning sections of the creek (called re-meandering), slope stabilization and creek bed improvements.

Construction Updates

Nine Mile project map

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The construction area is from 9th Avenue South to Highway 169.

The contractor, Sunram Construction, will be excavating new creek segments, temporarily stockpiling the soils in the archery range area and doing creek bank work. The soil stockpiles will remain until next winter when it will be used to backfill the abandoned creek segments — the delay in backfilling is to allow vegetation to get established in the new creek channels.

The construction activity will include heavy equipment and trucks operating along the creek, some trucks operating on Westbrook Way and a temporary closure of the walking trail along the east side of Westbrook Way. The perimeter of the stockpile area will be fenced. The archery range will remain open but will be shortened and changed to an east-west orientation for the 2012 season.

Purposes of the Project

The major erosion problems in the creek are attributed to the historical realignment of the channel from a meandering shape to a straightened channel, combined with the increased runoff due to urbanization.

Once completed, the project will address the identified erosion control sites and reduce nutrient loads of phosphorus by 251 pounds per year and total suspended solids 218.6 tons per year.

Creek Stabilization Practices

The project proposes to provide a stable creek system through a combination of practices including:

  • Reshaping the banks
  • Stabilizing the lower stream elevations using natural fieldstone riprap
  • Revegetation of the upper stream banks
  • Using flow deflectors
  • Creating new meanders


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