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Back-to-School Safety

With summer ending soon, children across the country will be headed back to school. We need to make sure that young children are not just prepared for classes, but also for their safety. Read AAA's Quick Tips article here.

Personal Safety for Youth

How to teach young children – without being scary

  • Now is the time…(over and over again)
  • “Privates” (doctors, nurses, mommy)
  • Tell – if anyone makes you feel unsafe/hurts you (no secrets)
  • Role Play!

The Five Rules

  • Never Go Anywhere Without Telling Someone (outside, neighbors to play)
  • Use the Buddy System (shopping – stay with mommy/other adults)
  • “Strangers” vs. People We Do Not Know (know well/mom & dad have approved of)
  • Taking gifts like candy, money, toys, car rides
  • Adults asking for directions or help finding a lost pet
  • Safe Places (people/phone – not a hiding place)
  • Tell (“trusted adults”)

Other safety lessons to teach

  • Name, Cell Phone Numbers and Address
  • What to do if you get lost (find cashier, other mommy with children/never go to the parking lot to find the car – stay put & look around)
  • Roadway-parking lot/sidewalks
  • Helmets (bikes/skates/skateboards/scooters)
  • Seatbelts/Car Seats
  • Fire/Hot
  • Knives/Sharps
  • Playing in the car
  • Computer
  • Phone/Door
  • “Be Nice”

What to do if your child is lost or missing…

  • Call 911 immediately (you can always call back to cancel)
  • DNA/Fingerprints/Digital Photos (Vacations, MOA, State Fair, Large Festivals)
  • Amber Alerts

Website resources for more information





  • Emergency Calls
  • Non-Emergency Calls
  • Police Chief

  • Police Services Liaison

  • Operations Captain


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