Kids play in bouncy housePavilion
Play Place

October 1, 2015–
February 24, 2016*

2 Sessions a day
9 am–10:30 am
& 10:30 am–noon

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$3 per child (9 months-5 years)

Play Place is a drop-in play program for children 5 and under. Kids can run and play with equipment provided by the Hopkins Pavilion including sport balls, crawl tunnels, bounce houses, blocks, and more! Adults are required to stay and supervise.

Drop-ins available as space allows. Reservations recommended. Online reservations will provide Pavilion Staff with your name. Reservations will be forfeited after 15 minutes past event start time. Payment is due at time of event. We accept cash, check, Visa or MasterCard. Please check in at the front office. Punchcards available for purchase - $20 for 10 sessions.

Pavilion Play Place ends in February when Turf Tots begins on the arena floor.

*Play Place will be closed on November 27–28 and December 24–25.

Private Rental

Noon-1:30 pm can be rented for private gatherings or parties at a flat rate. Please call the office to discuss the details of a private rental.


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In 1990 the City of Hopkins used money from the 1989 park bond referendum to build the Pavilion, accommodating the growing necessities of the community and the park and recreation program.

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