Hopkins Artstreet Awarded Grant

Hopkins Mainstreet with flowers in bloom

Five sculptures will be on display on Mainstreet for a year beginning in May 2011. One will be chosen by a jury panel for permanent installation.

The City of Hopkins is pleased to announce the award of a $10,000 grant through the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council for the creation of Hopkins Artstreet

What is Hopkins Artstreet?

Hopkins Artstreet is envisioned to be an annual event showcasing several pieces of original sculpture. The project will provide an outdoor gallery for artists to display their works for sale, giving them exposure unmatched in any private setting. The project is a unique collaboration among the City of Hopkins, the Hopkins Business & Civic Association (HBCA) and the Friends of the Hopkins Center for the Arts (HCA), resulting in the display of some of the first pieces of art installed in the public realm of downtown Hopkins. 

How will the artwork be chosen?

A call to artists will be made in early 2011. Artists will be encouraged to submit artworks that are interactive and/or reflect the diverse nature of the Hopkins community. A jury will select five pieces of art to be on display on Mainstreet in historic downtown Hopkins. The selected artists will be given a $500 stipend to offset the cost of transporting the artwork. The art will remain the property of the artist, on loan to the City of Hopkins for the one-year display period, beginning in May 2011. 

How will the community be involved?

During the year, the community will be encouraged to vote for their favorite piece. The selected piece will then receive a $1000 prize. A children’s choice award of $500 will also be voted on and awarded. The announcement of the awards will be made at Hopkins In Motion, a community event held in September each year. 

The jury panel will also select one piece to be purchased for permanent installation. The decision will be made on artistic merit, durability, community preference, and budget. This will be announced at the same time the people’s choice awards are announced. Through this annual process, a permanent collection will be established. 

Businesses and individuals will be given the opportunity to sponsor a sculpture. Sponsors will be recognized with a nameplate and acknowledged at the artists' reception and in all publications. The artwork will be promoted for sale and the commissions will be returned to the project to cover the next year’s expenses.  It is the goal of the project to become self-sustaining through commissions and sponsorships.

Why Hopkins Artstreet?

The City of Hopkins has established three community goals: Build on the Small Town Feel, Enhance Our Walkability, and Take It To Them (citizen engagement). Hopkins Artstreet will help to achieve all three goals:

  • The key factor in Hopkins small town feel is the authentic Mainstreet that serves as the focal point of the City.  Hopkins Artstreet will help strengthen existing businesses, allowing them to remain competitive in an ever-changing retail environment. 
  • Hopkins Artstreet will encourage walking by drawing residents and visitors down Mainstreet, a highly pedestrian-friendly environment. 
  • Finally, this project is a perfect example of taking it (art) to them, by placing art directly into the path of the viewer. 

How will Hopkins Artstreet be funded?

The project is funded, in part, through a grant from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council (MRAC) Creative Intersections grant program, with funds provided from an appropriation by the Minnesota Legislature. The Creative Intersections grant program funds projects that will build bridges among community sectors and that have the benefit of building momentum toward strengthening the community as a whole through a quality arts development project.

For more information

Please contact Kersten Elverum, Director of Planning & Development, at 952-548-6340 or kelverum@hopkinsmn.com.



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