Leaf & Yard Waste Pick-Up

If you would like to order a minimum of 10 yard waste stickers, have the stickers mailed to you and the fees placed on your utility bill, please call 952-939-1382 to order or submit the form below. The stickers will be mailed on the next working day.

If you would like to be placed on the yard waste pick up list call 952-939-1382 or register on the yard waste pick-up form.

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  • Solid Waste Coordinator

  • To order yard waste stickers, call:
    Public Works Secretary


Drop off site

Hopkins refuse customers can also drop off their brush and yard waste for free at the drop off site, open mid-spring through November.

Did you know?

The easiest and best way to handle grass clippings is to leave them on the lawn. Set your mower to a height of two to three inches. Mow frequently enough so that no more than one-third of the grass blade is removed at any mowing. This may mean that you will mow more frequently, but you will spend less time doing it. Not only will you save time mowing and bagging and save money by not buying yard waste bags and having them picked up, you will also have healthier grass.

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