Rain Barrels

Rain BarrelThe City of Hopkins no longer has rain barrels for sale.

You may contact the Recycling Association of Minnesota (www.recycleminnesota.org) to learn about other opportunities to buy these barrels. 

The rain barrels have a 55-gallon capacity and are 32 inches high with a 54-inch circumference.

Why Use A Rain Barrel?

Rain barrels collect rain from your rain gutter for use in your garden. This saves money by cutting down on water usage. The water is clean and environmentally friendly.  A mesh screen keeps out leaves, sticks and any other debris, as well as protects the contents from animals and pets.  Rain is naturally soft water and is devoid of minerals, chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals found in the water that comes from your home’s faucet.  This is healthier for plants.


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