window flower boxes at a Hopkins house

Summer Property Maintenance Tips

This is the season to tackle big exterior projects such as painting, carpentry or cement repair.

Cooling System

  • Change filter once a month, lubricate motors.sprinklers

Lawn & Landscape

  • Move the lawn mower blade height up so that it cuts no more than the top one-third of the grass blade. Your lawn will be healthier, and you'll have fewer weeds if grass isn't mown shorter than 2 to 2 1/2 inches.
  • Take inventory of your yard. Are there areas of grass that never do well? Consider replacing that grass with shrubs, perennials or ground covers. Take photos now for winter planning.
  • If it doesn't rain, water lawn deeply once a week. (Deep watering is better than frequent, shallow watering.)deck

Painting & Carpentry

  • Take care of exterior projects: seal decks, paint siding and trim, etc.
  • Repair fences and stair railings.

Time to remodel?

If you're thinking about adding on or remodeling this summer, visit the Building & Remodeling section for important information about permits and inspections.