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Buying a Home/Moving In

Before you buy

The City of Hopkins requires the seller to provide prospective buyers with information about the condition of the house and garage through a Truth-In-Housing inspection. A house cannot be sold in Hopkins until it has received a Certificate of Approval stating that any repair/replace problems found in the inspection have been fixed.

The following items are also items to be aware of as a potential homeowner in Hopkins.

Lead-based paint disclosure

This Truth-in-Housing Disclosure Report does not address the issue of lead-based paint and the potential hazards. Everyone exposed to deteriorated lead-based paint is at risk to health problems. This is of special concern to small children and pregnant women.

The seller of the property is required by Federal law to provide the buyer with a disclosure of information on lead-based paint hazards. You have the option of hiring a licensed lead inspector to do a risk assessment of the property.

For more information on hazards associated with lead, visit

Unpaid water, sewer & sanitation charges

The buyer assumes liability for any unpaid charges at closing. Please call the City of Hopkins at 952-548-6332 to obtain information regarding water, sewer and solid waste unpaid charges at this property and to schedule a meter reading prior to purchase.

Delinquent property taxes

For information regarding possible delinquent property taxes call Hennepin County at 612-348-3011.

Special tax assessments

For information about any special assessments pending against this property call the Assessing Department at 952-548-6310.

Housing orders pending/condemned

Call the City of Hopkins' Housing Inspector at 952-939-1340.

Fair housing

Combined federal, state and city laws forbid unequal treatment in housing based on the following criteria: Race, color, creed, sex, (including sexual harassment), familial status (the presence of children in the household), public assistance status, affectional preference, national origin, ancestry, religion, disability and marital status. Other persons, such as neighbors, are prohibited from discriminatory harassment of a tenant or homeowner.

Concerned individuals, organizations, or alleged victims may file complaints with the Minnesota Civil Liberties Union at (651) 645-4097.

Requirements to rent out your house

If you are buying a house to rent, in full or in part, a registration and rental license are required prior to rental.

Helpful reminders for new residents

Set up utilities.

Set up your utilities (gas, telephone, electricity, etc.) by contacting each company that provides service to you. You can find this information on our City Utilities page.

If you are buying a property, you need to call the the City of Hopkins at 952-548-6332 to schedule a water meter reading.

If you are renting, note that the owner of rental property is responsible for receiving and paying the monthly bill. Rental properties can be in the owner's name only. The owner of the property will be liable to the City for all bills accruing through the use of utility services whether used by the owner, renter/lessee, or other occupant.

Find out about garbage & recycling

The City provides weekly collection services to all residents. Waste Management is contracted by the City to provide recycling services. Find out more about garbage & recycling.

File for Homestead classification.

Apply for a homestead exemption for the homestead property tax credit. Homesteading means you own and live on your property.

Register to vote.

Learn how to register to vote in Hopkins.

License your dog.

Dogs six months old or over must be licensed with the City. A dog with a valid license from another jurisdiction must obtain a Hopkins' license within three months. Only two dogs are allowed per household. See Pets.

Update your vehicle & driver's licenses.

Residents who move from within the state have 30 days to update their driver's licenses.

Residents new to Minnesota have 60 days to change their driver's licenses and vehicle license plates.


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  • Accounting Technician & Utility Billing


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