Hopkins Goes Green:
City Hall Boiler Replacement

Through a grant under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Program, the City of Hopkins was able to replace the boilers at City Hall in 2010. The City received $75,000 of the $90,000 cost for this upgrade from the grant, as well as a $5,500 rebate from Counterpoint Energy.

The yearly energy savings are estimated to be around $7,500 per year or a 25% reduction in the previous cost to heat City Hall. In 2009, the gas bill for October 15–November 15 was $1,529.00. After boiler replacement, the bill for that same time period in 2010 was $752—despite the weather being much colder.

The operation of these new boilers allows the City to regulate water temperature and firing rate based on the outside temperature and demand for heat. The new boilers are rated to be up to 95% efficient.

new boilers

Before (below) and after (above) photos of the boilers at City Hall.

old boilers



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