Current Development

Marketplace & Main renderingKnollwood Crossings
The former BP gas station at 525 Blake Road has been demolished and will be replaced with two 6,000 square feet retail buildings.

Fifth Avenue Flats renderingGallery Flats
The goal of this redevelopment project is to redevelop the former Park Nicollet site at 815 First Street South, and add the Lutheran Digest building property to it.

Fifth Avenue Flats renderingCrossroads Plaza
The goal of this redevelopment project is to remodel the former Mayon Plastics building located at 415 17th Avenue North. 

Fifth Avenue Flats renderingMarketplace & Main Townhomes
The Marketplace & Main townhomes are now being constructed at Mainstreet and 7th Avenue North. There will be seven two and three bedroom townhomes.

Future development

Recent development

Marketplace & Main renderingMarketplace & Main
The Hopkins Honda Body Shop and used car sales lot was redeveloped into a mixed use (housing/retail/townhome) development.

LA Fitness buildingLA Fitness
An LA Fitness health club has been completed at the intersection of Highway 7 and Hopkins Crossroad.

Excelsior Crossings aerialExcelsior Crossings (Cargill)
The vacant SUPERVALU property was demolished and an office complex with an emphasis on job creation, structured parking, and traffic was developed.


  • Director of Economic Development & Planning

  • Community Development Coordinator