Cottageville plan detail

Cottageville Park Improvements

The City of Hopkins, in partnership with the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District (MCWD) and the Met Council, is in the process of expanding and improving Cottageville Park.

The goal of the project is to increase the amount of green space along Blake Road, improve the water quality of the Creek, and make the creek more accessible and visible to the community. This $3 million project will begin construction in the spring of 2015 and is anticipated to be completed in October of 2015.

The new park will include new play equipment, trails, lighting, a permanent community garden with water source and tool shed, and extensive new landscaping. When the project is complete the park will be nearly three times larger, and will accessible from both Blake Road and Lake Street.

For more information, go to Cottageville Park Expansion Project on the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District website.

Cottageville Park illustration


In 2011, the Watershed District purchased and demolished a number of buildings in order to add park land which will also serves to help filter storm run off before it gets to Minnehaha Creek. The photographs below show the area before and after the buildings were removed.

before after demolition

Cottageville Park Expansion Project wins 2014 Local Government Innovation Award

The Cottageville Park expansion project, a joint partnership between Hopkins and Minnehaha Creek Watershed District, was recognized by the Humphrey School of Public Affairs with one of its 2014 Innovation Awards.

The Park Project provides an innovative integration of stormwater management and crime prevention within a dense and ethnically diverse neighborhood in Hopkins.

The project improves water quality of Minnehaha Creek by reducing pollution levels and providing education on the various stormwater management activities.

By expanding and opening up the park to better improve access and visibility, surrounding property values will increase and criminal activity in the park will decrease.

Furthermore, the project provides the neighborhood with a permanent community garden, gathering space, and access to the Creek.


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