Cottageville Park Improvements

The City of Hopkins, in concert with the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District and the Met Council, is in the process of expanding and improving Cottageville Park.

The Watershed District purchased and demolished a number of buildings in order to add park land which will also serve to help filter storm run off before it gets to Minnehaha Creek. The photographs below show the area before and after the buildings were removed.

The City is just beginning the process of planning how the enlarged Cottageville Park will look and what amenities it will contain. Residents, the Hopkins Park Board and ultimately the City Council will all have an opportunity to provide comments and suggestions.

beforeThe photo above shows the site before the buildings were removed. The below photo shows the site after the demolition.
after demolition

Goals for the project

The City of Hopkins shares common goals with the MCWD for the project, which include:

  • Improved water quality
  • Expansion of Cottageville Park and increased visibility of Minnehaha Creek
  • Redevelopment of a key parcel in the heart of the Blake Road corridor



  • Community Development Coordinator


Cottageville Park Master Plan Feasibility Report