City Council Agenda

The following is a list of items scheduled for consideration by the City Council at the next City Council meeting. These items are subject to change up to the time of the meeting. For current information about the agenda, please contact the Executive Secretary.

Tuesday, October 21, 7 pm:


  • Special HRA Meeting at 7 pm
    • Amend the Mokabaka Agreement
  • Council meeting immediately following the HRA Meeting
  • Work Session after Close of Regular Meeting
  1. Call To Order
  2. Adopt Agenda
  3. Presentation
    1. Minnesota Jaycees Ten Outstanding Young Minnesotan award to Jeremy Wolfsteller (nominated by the Hopkins Area Jaycees)
  4. Consent Agenda
    1. Approve Minutes of the October 7, 2014 Council Meeting
    2. Approve Minutes of the October 7, 2014 Work Session Following the Council Meeting
    3. Approve Minutes of the October 14th Work Session
    4. Second Reading:  Approve Ordinance Amending Section 345 of the Hopkins City Code; Absentee Ballot Board ; Domeier (Memo)
    5. Second Reading: Ordinance Amending Section 905 of the Hopkins City Code; Fire Prevention Code; Specken (Memo)
    6. Second Reading:  Zoning Amendment – Landfill; Anderson (Memo)
    7. Amendment to PUD/Development Agreement - Mokabaka, LLC; Elverum (CR 2014-121)
    8. Resolution Recognizing the Minnesota Citizens for the Arts (MCA); Genellie (Memo)
    9. Approve Resolution 204-068, Approving the Use of Hennepin County  Environmental Response Fund for the Oxford Apartments Project; Beekman (CR 2014-118)
    10. Adopt Resolution 2014-064, Accepting Improvements and Authorizing Final Payment, 2013 Street and Utility Improvements, City Project 2012-10; Stanley (CR 2014-117)
    11. Adopt Resolution 2014-069, Approving Cooperative Agreement with Minnehaha Creek Watershed District, City Project 2014-16; Stanley (CR 2014-119)
  5. New Business
    1. Award Bid on Refunded 2007A and 2007B Bonds; Harkess (CR 2014-123)
    2. Cooperative Agreement for the Master Development Strategy of the Blake Road Station Area; Elverum (CR 2014-122)
    3. First Reading:  Approve Ordinance Amending Section 610 of the Hopkins City Code; Swimming Pools; Domeier (CR 2014-099)
    4. First Reading:  Approve Ordinance Amending Section 925 of the Hopkins City Code; Domestic Animals; Genellie (CR 2014-120)
    5. Approve Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Program – Joint Powers Agreement with St. Paul Port Authority; Vang (CR 2014-053)
  6. Announcements
    1. Hennepin County West Hub Service opened on October 13, 2014
    2. November 4th is Election Day
  7. Adjourn
      (Public must fill out a Speaker Request Form. Three minute limit for each person) During this time, anyone wanting to address a topic not listed on the agenda may do so.



  • Executive Secretary