City Council Mission & Vision

Mission: Inspire, Educate, Involve, Communicate

  • The City Council pledges to enhance partnerships with the staff, lead in the creation of a community wide vision, and set policy.
  • City staff pledges to enhance partnerships with the city council, develop and implement long term plans, and provide quality customer service that is responsive to the needs of the community, innovative, and accessible.
  • All of City government pledges to enhance partnerships with citizens, inspire citizen leadership, educate and involve citizens, communicate openly and effectively, be responsive, and be fiscally responsible.


Creating a spirit of community where...

  • People are treated with respect
  • People participate in building culture
  • Business growth throughout the City is supported while a vibrant City center is maintained
  • People feel safe, support outstanding schools and celebrate cultural heritages
  • People enjoy quality public services, parks and housing

City of Hopkins logo (H with raspberry)City of Hopkins, Minnesota

Inspire. Educate. Involve. Communicate.