Zoning & Planning Commission Minutes

April 24, 2007

A regular meeting of the Hopkins Zoning and Planning Commission was held on Tuesday, April 24, 2007, at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers of Hopkins City Hall.

Present were Commission Members Kathy Newcomb, Bob Hatlestad, Peter Sholtz, and Kyle Skiermont. Virgil Aarness and Jannina Aristy were absent.

Also present was City Planner Nancy Anderson.

  1. Call To Order
    Mr. Sholtz called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm in the Council Chambers.
  2. Approval of Minutes
    Mr. Hatlestad moved and Mr. Skiermont seconded the motion to approve the minutes of the March 27, 2007, regular meeting.  The motion was approved unanimously.
  3. Business
    1. ITEM: Tobacco Discussion
      The City Council placed a moratorium on the expansion of new locations for tobacco sales on April 12th.  Ms. Anderson reviewed the information on how other cities regulate tobacco sales. The Commission discussed the following:
      • How many (tobacco shops) do we need?
      • Market demand and supply
      • B-2 vs. B-3
      • Move to B-3
      • Support distance from school children
      • Only accessory uses
      • Do we need them (tobacco shops) any where?
      • Not on Mainstreet
      • Is the need served now?
      • Don’t see need for new (tobacco shops) ones
      The Commission reached no conclusion on the regulation of tobacco shops.
    2. ITEM: Comprehensive Plan
      The Commission reviewed the Goals at their workshop and made comments for the new plan. The Commission reviewed the changes and will continue to work on revising the Goals at their next work session.
  4. Adjournment
    Mr. Sholtz moved and Mr. Hatlestad seconded a motion to adjourn the meeting. The motion was approved unanimously.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:20 p.m.


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