Park Board Minutes

April 24, 2017

A regular meeting of the Hopkins Park Board was held on April 24, 2017.  


Caroline Rinker, Park Board Chair, called the meeting to order at 6:36 p.m.


Present were Park Board members Caroline Rinker, Libby Goeman, Kyle Kaczmarek, Laura Cooper and Emma Figgins. Also present was Steve Stadler, PW Director/Park Board City staff liaison.

Early in the meeting, a Ms. Sadie Gannett arrived to observe and fulfill a requirement of a college class she was taking.      


Minutes for the March 27, 2017 Park Board Meeting.

Laura Cooper made a motion to approve the minutes, seconded by Libby Goeman. The motion passed with a 5-0 vote.         



Park Board Action Items and Updates

  1. Burnes Park Improvement Project: Stadler gave a brief update on the project – the construction is set to begin on/about May 8.  A copy of an upcoming construction notice postcard was provided to members.  The contractor is Morcon Construction Co.  Completion is expected by early October 2017.  Stadler showed the area of the park to be fenced-off by the contractor.  It was asked about the dates and hours of the splash pad operation.  Stadler responded the dates would likely coincide with the Shady Oak Beach season, on/about Memorial Day to Labor Day.  The Park Board will have more discussion on dates and hours of operation for the 2018 season. 
  2. 2017 Play Equipment upgrades – Hilltop Park and Maetzold Field:

    Stadler gave a brief update – an installation date has been difficult to get from MN/WI Playground.  The Maetzold Field expanded play container area has been prepared by City crews.  It is anticipated that the new play equipment installation would start in early to mid- May and be completed in three weeks.   

  3. Hopkins Pavilion Upgrade Project: Stadler reported that work is continuing in getting outside funding secured for the Pavilion Upgrade/Expansion project.  The $1M contribution from the Hopkins Public Schools has been approved by the School Board.  The City is continuing its due diligence in accepting a $1M contribution from Hopkins Youth Hockey Association (HYHA), which comes with a $0.6M note guarantee from the City to Anchor Bank.  There will be a discussion at the next City Council work session following their regular meeting on May 2nd.   The plan is to have the improvement project ready to bid by November 2017 with construction occurring from March – September 2018.  One goal of the project is to upgrade the appearance of the building exterior and its entranceway to create a building that is more than the current ice arena but is a facility oriented & designed to provide for both Pavilion users and Central Park users in any season. 

Discuss 2018 Park projects, Central Park planning and Park fund working capital report

Stadler mentioned that the Burnes Park Improvement project bonding would be paid via the City’s general fund levy. This positions the Park Improvement fund to potentially take on more needed park improvements. Stadler mentioned a few potential projects, including: Downtown Park makeover, Hilltop Park access trail from 20th Ave. N., additional park trail lighting, Central Park/13th Ave. S. play equipment replacement, enhanced Oakes Park Cricket pitch area, Park Valley picnic shelter, Central Park site and outdoor ice improvements following the concept plans developed in the Park System Reinvestment Plan. 

Laura Cooper mentioned that the City of Minnetonka is planning towards enhanced outdoor ice skating, possibly to include a refrigeration system, at Big Willow Park. Stadler will get more information from the consultant or from Minnetonka City staff on those plans. 

Kyle Kaczmerak stated another potential project would be the paving of the Lake Minnetonka regional trail within Hopkins.  There was further discussion regarding changes to the Central Park layout per the concept plan developed during the 2015 Park System Reinvestment Plan. 

Emma Figgins asked about tennis and play court repairs work.  Stadler answered that he is waiting for a quote for repair work at each of the city’s courts – repairs would likely be spread between both 2017 and 2018. 

A copy of the current state of the City’s park play equipment, including year installed and projected year to be replaced was provided to members. Pending the decision on the Central Park/13th Ave. S. play set, after this year’s replacements, the soonest play equipment replacements will be in 2025, based on 20-year useful life.      

Park Area Assignment Report

  • Kyle Kaczmarek: Hilltop Park, Shady Oak Beach, Shady Oak Nature Area, Minnehaha Creek Preserve – Kyle mentioned that an upgrade of the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District canoe launch area would be great. Stadler will reach out to the district to inquire about partnering on a project.     
  • Emma Figgins: Cottageville Park, Oakes Park, Maetzold Field, Hiawatha Oaks – Emma stated that she’s gotten questions about dog policy in our parks. There will be further discussion on this with the goal to better define our policy, consider changes and to better educate the public on our policy.  
  • Caroline Rinker: Interlachen Park, Burnes Park, Harley Hopkins Park – Caroline shared about a well-attended Easter egg hunt that took place in Interlachen Park on the Saturday before Easter.
  • Libby Goemann: Buffer Park, Park Valley Playground, Valley Park – Libby mentioned that the City’s contractor, Meyer Contracting, Inc. is heavily using the east side of Park Valley Playground for its staging area. Their use of this area for staging was approved by the City.             
  • Laura Cooper: Downtown Park, Elmo Park, Central Park – Laura stated that she thought more tables may be needed in Downtown Park to promote that park as a gathering area for lunch, etc.       


The next regular Park Board Meeting is 6:30 p.m. on Monday, May 22.


Libby Goeman moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Laura Cooper. The motion passed 5-0. The meeting adjourned at 7:38 p.m.

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