Park Board Minutes

March 27, 2017

A regular meeting of the Hopkins Park Board was held on March 27, 2017.  


Kyle Kaczmarek, Park Board Vice-Chair called the meeting to order at 6:36 p.m.


Present were Park Board members:  Libby Goeman, Kyle Kaczmarek, Laura Cooper and Emma Figgins.  Absent was Caroline Rinker.  Also present was Steve Stadler, PW Director/Park Board City staff liaison.


Minutes for the February 27, 2017 Park Board Meeting.

Laura Cooper made a motion to approve the minutes, seconded by Emma Figgins. The motion passed with a 4-0 vote.


Park Board Action Items and Updates

  1. Shady Oak Beach 2017 monument sign project: Kyle shared that scheduled start date will be this spring.  The plan is to have the new sign installed prior to the beach opening for the season.
  2. Burnes Park Improvement Project: Stadler gave a brief update on the project – the bid opening will be 11 a.m. on March 31.
  3. 2017 Play Equipment upgrades – Hilltop Park and Maetzold Field: Stadler gave a brief update – installation is scheduled for early – mid May. 
  4. Hopkins Pavilion Upgrade Project: Stadler reported that there is a City Council worksession discussion planned for April 11.  The topics will include the School District and Hopkins Youth Hockey Assoc. funding for the facility upgrade (anticipated at $1M from each), level of City bonding required, and whether or not to proceed with the Pavilion expansion or limit the project to the refrigeration plant replacement.

Off-Leash Dog Park Update

The Board members shared their thoughts on the benefits and the concerns of having a city designated off-leash dog park area within the landfill property, which abuts Westbrooke Patio Homes property. 

Mona Lewis, Westbrooke Patio Homes General Manager and Judy Carter, Westbrooke home owner were in attendance and addressed the Board regarding questions and concerns of the Westbrooke Homeowner Association. Ms. Carter shared that she prefers having the proposed off-leash area because it is so close, i.e. walking distance. Ms. Lewis mentioned that there will be a HOA Board meeting on April 27 which will include a discussion about the potential off-leash dog park on the landfill property.  

Member Libby Goeman and Steve Stadler will plan to attend.  The Park Board agreed that if there were to be a city off-leash dog area, it would not be completed for 2017, but would be a 2018 project at the earliest. The Park Board discussion and consideration will resume at the next meeting after the report from the Westbrooke Patio Homes HOA Board meeting.        

Park Area Assignment Report

  • Kyle Kaczmarek: Hilltop Park, Shady Oak Beach, Shady Oak Nature Area, Minnehaha Creek Preserve – Kyle mentioned a request from a resident near Hilltop Park for trail access into the park from 20th Avenue. There will be further consideration for this request. 
  • Emma Figgins: Cottageville Park, Oakes Park, Maetzold Field, Hiawatha Oaks – NTR
  • Caroline Rinker: Interlachen Park, Burnes Park, Harley Hopkins Park – Absent
  • Libby Goemann: Buffer Park, Park Valley Playground, Valley Park – It was mentioned that with the great spring weather this year, Valley Park is already busy.     
  • Laura Cooper: Downtown Park, Elmo Park, Central Park – NTR     


The next regular Park Board Meeting is 6:30 pm on Monday, April 24.


Laura Cooper moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Libby Goeman. The motion passed 4-0.  The meeting adjourned at 7:59 p.m.

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